About us

A RCH Concept is a chartered architecture studio specialized in residential, commercial architecture, interior design, conservation and master planning. We represent a practice that will always sacrifice everything for honesty and quality delivered to our clients. We believe in having a remarkably close relationship with you, our clients that will become part of our ARCH Concept Family.

O ur director, Raluca-Diana Anghelina is a chartered architect with a multi-disciplinary education in Architecture (Bsc+M), Psychology (Bsc+M), Urban Design (M) and Business Administration (MBA). Managed over the last 13 years to seamlessly lead teams in the successful completion of design projects within low-rise residential, hospitals, schools and tribunals and has gained the respect and praise of peers for notable contributions to several important public designs all over Europe. An original creative mind, with individual artistic prowess, consistently undertakes complete responsibility for team achievement and the delivery of the highest quality within allocated projects. She always offers a warm and friendly approach while proving the highest professional expertise.

We are here to really understand your needs and to assist you in order to add value to your propriety!

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